Rescue Litters

18th September: We've found home for all the rescues we had - phew! (pictures of the boys below) But we nearly always know of someone trying to find a home for rats - so do get in touch if you're interested - even if you just want to find out more rats as pets.

Hopefully we'll be breeding some rats of our own for a change.

We do want our rats to have loving homes; sometimes the rescue rats which come to us have not been well handled. We will only home these rats with people whom are used to looking after rats. Fortunately this is quite rare - and even in such cases, they are much easier to look after and interact with than many other small animals. Usually they love attention - they'll come running to meet you and give you big licks and cuddles.

We try to match the rats to the right person - this perhaps does not make a good model for pet retaillers, but we find it makes for a much happier experience for you and the rats!

(We're not trying to make any money out of this).

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